Meeting needs of orphans in Cambodia.

By December 26, 2005

Cambodia (MNN) — Cambodia suffered under communism for many years, but now the government is looking for religious freedom and help to come in. Global Aid Network is bringing the hope of Christ to that hurting country and meeting real needs.

The Australian GAiN branch has been there for awhile and has laid the groundwork for what’s going on now. GAiN Australia has purchased land to build an orphanage and school, and GAiN USA is coming alongside to help with that. Micro-enterprise will help sustain the orphanage and school.

GAiN-USA’s Tim Burns says it’s about long-term spiritual and physical impact. “The end result is, obviously we want to see these orphanages and hopefully multiple orphanages and schools up and running, but the church itself in the area strengthened. We’re working with local pastors in the area to build them up and to do this to where they’ve got an ongoing ministry.”

Burns says people in Cambodia are very receptive to the Gospel, even more so than they’ve seen elsewhere. “There’s a foothold here that we probably haven’t seen in a lot of other East Asian nations, that the Gospel has a great chance to go forward.”

With a receptive spiritual climate, it’s an open door for outreach among the people of Cambodia, and Burns says, “They are spiritually hungry. Obviously Cambodia’s not known for a huge Christian population, but they are very receptive to the Gospel, and especially when we’re talking about children. Of course we see this all the world over. Just about every ministry sees how receptive children are to the Gospel.”

Burns continues, “But because of the hurt and the need out there and just the poverty, when we can come along and give a cold cup of water in Jesus’ Name, it’s very well-received and people want to hear about the motivation and the Saviour behind all of this.”

Pray that people’s spiritual hunger will lead them to Christ and many will find hope in Him.

If you would like to help support this work or be part of a short-term team there, contact GAiN-USA.

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