Meeting needs of refugees from North Korea.

By April 26, 2006

North Korea (MNN) — Millions of people have fled across the border of North Korea into China, to escape the atrocities of living under that regime.

Many are starving and oppressed. Many choose a life of slavery in China rather than the oppression of North Korea. Open Doors is reaching out to those refugees by meeting their practical and spiritual needs, with food, shelter, health care and Bible training.

This week, Open Doors is part of the North Korea Freedom Week. Through events and activities in Washington, DC, and across the USA, Open Doors is helping raise awareness and prayer support for those suffering there, especially Christians.

Open Doors’ Johnny Li says, “No one knows really how many Christians are in North Korea. But we know definitely there’s a lot of Christians and they endure the difficulties and severe persecutions in the labor camps and so on. They have a excellent, excellent testimony for the world, for us, to encourage us in our faith.”

Li believes that Satan uses different ways to persecute the brothers and sisters in North Korea, but, he says, “I know the Lord is moving there, just like when I look in North Korea, look at the border. Some of the North Korean Christians or refugees, they came to China. Just like bring me back to the 60s. It seemed like in China that no Christians could survive because of the severity of the persecution of communism. But the Lord was still moving, the Lord was there, the Lord was changing many lives through those persecutions. I believe the Lord’s doing the same things [in North Korea]. And I believe one day we will discover more and more how the Lord used those Christians, even the martyrs for Christ, and as a result, many people turn to Jesus.”

Through Open Doors’ work, Li says that he sees Christians beginning to respond and understand how desperate the situation in North Korea really is. And God is working through the prayers of His people worldwide. “But among the Christians the exciting thing is, people respond. And people say, “Wow.” We’re talking about 20-some-million population in a country under that kind of regime. And I think particularly Christians, we care. We care. But if we don’t know, how can we care. But the exciting thing is that people are beginning to know, people are beginning to care. And I believe people are beginning to pray. And prayer is the open door for North Korea.”

If you would like more information on Open Doors and the North Korea Freedom Week, contact Open Doors using their information listed below.

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