Men in the U-S are turning to Christ

By June 30, 2006

USA (MNN) — In a time when people are writing books about why men don’t like going to church, Promise Keepers says men in the United States would go to church if it met a felt need. That’s what they’re doing this year, as they begin another season with the theme, ‘Unleashed, releasing the raw power of your heart.’

Bob Reccord with Total Life Impact is the evangelist at each PK event. With four weekends under their belts, more than 1,500 men have given their hearts to Christ. He says Albany, New York had the biggest response. “That is a pretty unchurched area in that whole northeast arena. And, we had the highest rate of men responding to Jesus Christ that we’ve seen all year. We had over 650 men come in response to the invitation to turn their lives over to Christ.”

The most amazing story was a Cript gang member who felt the call and came to Christ, says Reccord. “He took off his bandana, which as you know, Greg, is their colors. And, if you’re a member of the Cripts or the Bloods you do not take off your colors. He gave them to the counselor and he said, ‘I want this to be a symbol of how serious I am of turning my life around and I want the speaker to have this.'”

According to Reccord, it’s not that men don’t like going to church, “What men are saying is I don’t want to hear somebody who just sounds like they’ve got everything together, everything’s perfect, the winds at my back, the sun’s overhead all the time because that never happens to me on a consistent basis.” Men want people to be real with them and talk about the challenges in life, “and we’re seeing men respond to that in droves,” says Reccord.

There are 15 more PK events. Des Moines, IA July 14-15. Columbus, OH on July 21-22 and Jacksonville, FL July 28-29. Click on the link below for more information and conference schedule.

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