Millions celebrate with a day of prayer.

By February 2, 2004

International (MNN/BWA) — Millions of Baptists gathered yesterday for the Baptist World Allilance Day of Prayer when Baptists all over the world remember they are one in Jesus Christ.

Almost one hundred years ago, July 17, 1905, in London, England, Southern Baptist and British Baptist leaders met and together with many others from around the world, formed the Baptist World Alliance. Next year, it’s expected that thousands Baptists around the world will
gather in Birmingham, England (July 27-31, 2005) to celebrate the centennial of the Baptist World Alliance. All Baptists are invited to this birthday celebration of the BWA.

Together in Christ helping the needy: In cooperation with Hungarian Baptist Aid, Baptist World Aid has helped recover earthquake victims in Iran and India. BWAid gives food to the starving in Mozambique and Ethiopia. Baptist World Aid has helped flood victims in China, hurricane victims inHonduras, projects to help women in India, street children in Brazil.

Together they’ve defended persecuted Christians. The BWA defends the right of Baptists to pray and worship without hindrance from the state! Do not desert Baptists suffering from lack of religious freedom in many countries in the Middle East and Asia.

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