Millions of cubes needed, your help is essential

By May 20, 2005

International (MNN) — It’s an effort to see Christians come alongside and helping a national evangelist somewhere the in the world. What’s interesting about the program is you don’t even have to leave your hometown. It’s E3 Partners E3 program.

God is using their E3 approach of Equipping, Evangelizing, and Establishing to build bridges of unity and teamwork between 14,000-plus believers in 400 churches in the west, with nearly 40,000 believers in 3,000 international congregations. EvangeCube’s Tom Doyle says, “E3 is really unleashing the nationals in the different countries that they live in and pairing them up with Christians that are willing to sponsor an area.”

The equipment they need are EvangeCubes, Bibles and discipleship material. E3 partners support these national church leaders at $30 a month. “Doing that $30 a month gift will get them a steady supply of EvangeCubes, church training materials, also a little bit of support to help that national leader support their family,” says Doyle.

EvangeCubes are puzzle-like picture cubes that help Christians share the Gospel. They look a lot like the Rubik’s cube. Doyle says it captivates people’s attention. “It sometimes, kind of, looks like a toy. And, people are very open to hearing the Gospel explained because it’s visual, it’s told as a story (and) it’s colorful.”

He says east Africa seems very open to the EvangeCube training as they trained more than 12,000 people in the program last month. Doyle says, “They went out and started to make presentations with the Cube in places where they don’t have churches and just within a few days 5,348 people were lead to Christ, 33 churches were planted and many more are coming.” Their goal is to reach one billion people in 10 years with the Gospel.

Doyle says you can select the national you’d like to help by going to, select ‘Become an E3 Partner’ and select the national leader you’d like to help.

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