Ministry continues in Haiti despite the violence

By March 1, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — While many ministries have called the staff home from ministry in Haiti, one organization continues outreach. “One of the things that we as a ministry have developed,” says Tim DeVries of the Bible League, “is national Bible League offices within different countries around the world. And, Haiti is one of those.”

DeVries says as civil unrest has spread across the island nation, their work can continue. However, it is facing some challenges. “We have two offices, one in Port-Au-Prince, that just has been a little bit more difficult to work,” says DeVries. He says, “We also have another office in Jakmal which has remained open and can continue to provide training and provide Scriptures to the churches as they go out and share God’s word with new people.”

Haiti has been suffering in recent years with a poor economy and lack of food. DeVries says their spiritual situation has two stories. He says, “Because many people don’t have God’s word, it really gets synchronized with other religions, even to the point of Voodoo being mixed in with the Christian faith.”

As the Bible League continues to work in Haiti, DeVries says they’re seeing a change. “Within the last two to three years now, that we opened up the office in Haiti, and have begun to do the work of starting small group Bible studies and getting Scriptures out, we’ve seen a tremendous change and tremendous opportunity. People are looking for God.”

Prayer is needed for the safety of believers and funding for Scripture distribution.

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