Ministry leaders stunned, but excited about India elections

By May 17, 2004

India (MNN) — Many ministry leaders in India are calling last week’s election results in India nothing short of miraculous. The ruling party known as the BJP, was expected to gain seats in the parliamentary elections. There was even fear that the country would be turned into a Hindu nation. That not only didn’t happen, the BJP lost its majority to Sonia Gandhi’s Congress Party.

President of Gospel For Asia , KP Yohannan, says the prayers of God’s people were responsible. He says, “This is a miracle in the highest order. With 1.2 billion people, the future of this nation was actually hanging in the balance because of the election. This national election will decide the future of India for the minorities and for religious freedom and especially for the work of the Lord in India.”

Yohannan says this election was unprecedented not only for the BJP’s defeat, but for another reason. “A great majority of the small political parties who got elected are people from the Dalits, or the untouchables, or from the backward castes,” which Yohannan says has never happened. Since the Dalits make up 80-percent of the country, Yohannan doesn’t believe it will be long before the Dalits hold the prime minister’s seat.

However, Sonia Gandhi is the favorite to be named prime minister, says Yohannan. “If that is the case, ‘what does that mean for Christian work or anti-conversion laws?’ I believe they are going to throw it out and they’re going to change this kind of approach to oppress minorities and cause difficulties for Christian missionaries and workers who are trying to help the nation.”

While the election is good news for the future, Yohannan believe it’s not all good news. “We may have greater persecution now launched by the localized fundamentalists sect groups. (They) may turn around and re-attack Christians. Christian leaders are asking everywhere to pray. I’m telling our people (to) be prepared to lay down your life because (while) Congress (is) in power, never means persecution will decrease.”

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