Ministry to the Romani people grows.

By September 9, 2004

Bulgaria (MNN)–Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says they’re broadcasting the hope of Christ to the Romani people of Bulgaria.

They are ministering to a migrant group of people who face mistrust and ethnic tensions throughout the country. However, DeYoung says this outreach is seeing a lot of fruit, despite the challenges. “The programs have led directly to some churches that have been started as a result of that. It seems as if Gypsy people are quite open to the Gospel. They’re often treated as second-class citizens in places where they are.”

The broadcast is being extended to a third broadcast each week via Trans World Radio. DeYoung says they’re hoping to expand their broadcasts to the Romani as early as this fall because of the enthusiastic response. “The majority population often doesn’t view them very favorably, and when they hear that God really loves them, and Jesus Christ died for them, it comes as shocking good news. There’s been encouraging response to that, and we believe that with the expansion of the broadcast plan, that it’ll help even more.”

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