Ministry vehicles confiscated in Afghanistan.

By October 10, 2003

Afghanistan (MNN) — [This story has been edited for security concerns regarding the teams in Afghanistan]
Problems are plaguing a group attempting to help a hospital in Afghanistan. Interserve is an organization that ministers to people in Eastern and Central Asia.

Interserve’s Janna Smith says a team from Interserve is driving Landrovers to Kabul for use at a hospital. Smith says, “The reason they are providing these vehicles because the Taliban has confiscated the vehicles for use in the war. So, (they’re) bringing new vehicles to the providers so they can provide care.”

The vehicles will allow them to reach into the rural areas of Afghanistan.

According to Smith, this could have a spiritual impact. She says, “The people from (deleted) hospital are so willing to come and help people, they really show the love of Christ to the people who really need that care.”

However, the team has had problems. “They crossed into Afghanistan on October 2nd, but they crossed over having to leave their Landrovers at the border,” says Smith. She adds, “They also had some sickness, and the vehicles had two flat tires and a broken window.”

Authorities have since released the vehicles and they hope to be in Kabul by October 14th. The travel is very difficult, traveling at just 10 miles per hour.

Pray for continued safety for the team.

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