Ministry wives to see a gentler pastoral care.

By July 12, 2006

USA (MNN)–Shirley Walker is the wife of a San Antonio, Texas pastor.

She addresses her identiy and place in ministry in her book “Window in a Glass House.” Walker, wife of pastor Dr. David Walker, wrote about the calling to be the wife of a man in ministry.

Her thoughts precipitated an event that is now reaching out to women whose husbands are called to this life of ministry.

Sammy Tippit Ministries is launching the second Ministry Wives Conference this October in Texas. One of the keynote speakers is Tex Tippit.

She says the reason for such a ministry is defined by womanhood. “There seems like there’s so many other things that need to be taken care of, and sometimes, as women, we put ourselves last on the list.”

When a woman gives so much, she often does so until she has nothing left. Tippit says, “I think that’s just a mother’s heart. I think that’s how God created us, as women that we have a heart to care for others, and to reach out and in doing that, sometimes, we, as women, need to pull away and let God take care of our lives and things that we’re dealing with.”

The conference, she says, is designed as a gentler form of pastoral care. “Women will walk away from that conference knowing and being renewed again that Jesus loves them for who they are–not for what they do or don’t do or who their husband is or what ministry they’re called to, but just that Jesus loves them, and as He loves them, and they’re secure in that love, then they’re able to go out and share that love.”

Breakout sessions, solitude, times of worship, prayer time, and special speakers will provide most of the ministry at the conference. Walker and Tippit are keynotes, along with Angie Nunez, another San Antonio pastor’s wife. They will be sharing about their own personal struggles and triumphs through their time in ministry with their husbands.

Says Walker, “If you have a husband in the ministry and/or are in the ministry yourself, this conference will impact you beyond your wildest hopes.”

Registration starts next week. For details, go to:

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