Minorities in Madagascar are close to having a portion of Scripture in the own language.

By September 5, 2003

Madagascar (MNN) — The people of Madagascar are close to having the Gospel of Luke available in their own language.

Parke Brown with the Seed Company , says they are now holding the final workshop, which should result in the translation and publication of the JESUS Film in five languages.

Brown says the final review should be complete this month. “They are hoping to check it for the accuracy and to check it for communication. They don’t have any set date yet as far as when the scriptures will actually be printed. There is a process of reviewing.”

They are praising God for what has been accomplished so far but realize that God’s help is still needed in seeing this project through. “Pray that the next steps here go smoothly. There has been a lot of hindrances that are probably very spiritual in nature that have stopped the work at different points and time and has delayed it and caused great pain to the people involved. So we just ask that God provide his peace in the those times and then his strength to go ahead and finish the task here.”

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