Mission agency wants to motivate the church for missions

By May 20, 2004

USA (MNN) — With a number of churches in the United States abandoning their missions programs because of budget and other issues, a mission agency is redoubling their efforts to energize them.

CB International’s Hanz Finzel says, “We’re here to serve the local church here in the U-S. In fact, we believe that God gave the Great Commission to the church, not to us as a Para-church (organization). He adds, “Our roll is to come along side the local church and say, okay God has given you the Great Commission not only in your own Jerusalem and Samaria, but where we come in is to help you fulfill the part of the Great Commission that is to the uttermost parts of the earth.”

CB International is so focused on this they offer seminars to help rekindle the missions program of local churches. Finzel says one of the seminars is called, GAP. “If a church doesn’t have a missions program, or it used to and it died, we will come in and help a church rebuild a missions program, refigure out a missions policy, and come up with a new strategy.”

Finzel says the best way to invigorate missions outreach in a church is going to the field and see it first hand. “We lead a lot of missions trips overseas where we take pastors with us and man does that light a fire in their hearts,” says Finzel.

While there is an incredible need for this, CBI just isn’t able to meet the demand. Finzel says, “One of our limitations is we don’t have enough personnel. We service 2,500 to 3,000 churches in CBI and we have probably five or six people. We’re looking to recruit more people to help us serve our churches here in the U-S.”

You can get more information about CBI’s mission at cbinternational.org.

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