Mission groups respond to threat against Christians in Gaza.

By February 20, 2006

Gaza (MNN)–Armed militants have threatened to blow up the building housing the Gaza office of the Palestine Bible Society unless it shuts its doors.

The Bible Society received a letter from militants containing the threats eight days ago. Given the recent hostilities against believers, E3 Partners’ Tom Doyle says their partners are taking the threats seriously.

That’s also due, in part, to the fact that actions have already backed up the threats. On Feb. 3, militants placed an explosive device at the door of the Bible Society. The detonation destroyed the steel and glass doors of the lower part of the structure.

Doyle explains that, “February 28th is the day that this terrorist group has said that they’re going to blow up the Bible Society.” He’s issuing a call to prayer. “We just need to lift up our brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip.”

As a result of the letter, the landlord demanded that the offices close, at least temporarily. Doyle doesn’t believe it will stop their work, though.

In fact, he says persecution like this often has the opposite effect. “You’d always think that it would stop the evangelistic work, but it actually helps it. It just gives the believers a new understanding of what they face. They pray, they alert people around the world to pray for the believers in Gaza.”

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