Mission India Wins “Excellence” Award

By August 10, 2004

India (MNN/MN) — Mission India’s organization in India was recently awarded a prestigious “Excellence in Training” award, given by the India Missions Association (IMA). The award was presented at IMA’s national conference in Hyderabad.

As it presented the award to Mission India, the IMA stated that its purpose was: “…to recognize excellence among member organizations…and encourage an ethos of mutual accountability and appreciation. Mission India has trained thousands of grassroots workers (Church Planters)…in partnership with churches and mission agencies in almost every state in India. They have also trained thousands of master trainers to conduct literacy programs and Children’s Bible Clubs.”

Dr. John DeVries, founder and president of Mission India commented: “We are very grateful for the award, which reflects the scope of Mission India’s work throughout India. “(Mission India) annually trains nearly 70,000 grass roots workers in child evangelism, church planting and adult literacy. Most reach between 30 and 50 people each, with the gospel–and some, such as our Church Planters, reach more than a thousand each.”

IMA, in recent years, has become a strong and thoughtful voice on behalf of respected mission organizations in India. The organization has become a provider of resources, high-quality research and position papers, and it has linked the efforts of hundreds Christian organizations. During the peak years of persecution (1999-2004), IMA courageously and publicly took a stand on behalf of persecuted religious minorities throughout India. The organization also took a public stand against Tamil Nadu’s anti-conversion law, which was revoked in May.

Other organizations that were recognized by the IMA at its summer conference included Trans World Radio, Interserve India, and the Indian Missionary Society. More information about Mission India’s award can be found in the IMA’s web site: http://imaindia.org.

Last year, Mission India’s Children’s Bible Club teachers reached approximately 3.2 million children in classes that were held throughout India.

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