Missionaries face the challenge of evangelism in Sweden.

By July 5, 2004

Sweden (MNN)–Imagine trying to share the hope of Christ without being able to describe sin.

The vocabulary can sometimes be a stumbling block for missionaries working in Europe. Greater Europe Mission workers find that to be true time and again.

In this case, the challenge of evangelical outreach in Sweden is considerable. Because absolutes are labeled “intolerance” in Sweden, spreading the Gospel is difficult.

GEM workers teach at the Credo Akademin and help missionaries on other fields with the education of their children.

Pastors in Scandinavia are pleading for help with church-planting efforts. In the next five years, GEM could place 44 long-term missionaries there. Pray for wisdom as the teams approach not only curriculum, but work on finding ways to share the Gospel that penetrates hearts in Sweden.

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