Missionaries needed for Iraq, so is money.

By December 9, 2003

Iraq (MNN) — Missionaries, volunteers, money. All of these things are needed to help spread the Gospel in Iraq. This is a country that’s been the target of evangelistic outreach, and it’s now open, but one thing is holding back outreach for one group — funding.

As violence continues against American soldiers, the Southern Baptist International Mission Boardwants to send in missionaries. But, that desire is being met with the reality of the lack of funding and volunteers. IMB’s Mike Creswell says 150 workers are needed in Iraq. “We’ve been asking and praying for years for God to open the doors into Iraq so we can do something. And, now that it’s happened we just have a handful of workers. And, we’re scrapping for money to be able to really take advantage of the opportunity there.”

According to Creswell, IMB officials are praying for a good Lottie Moon missions offering this month from churches. “If Southern Baptists are going to do something significant, if they haven’t been giving very much in recent years to the offering, now is the time to do that because there are so many opportunities around the world where people are responding. We really need to send more people.” Pray that the response will be overwhelming.

Creswell says the poor economy in the U-S has hurt in the past. He’s hoping that the rebound will increase giving so they will be able to meet the needs in Iraq and other countries around the world.

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