Missionaries reach out to children in the squatters’ communities of Costa Rica.

By December 17, 2003

Costa Rica (LAM/MNN)–More than 2,500 people have been evacuated from Costa Rica’s Caribbean zone as four days of persistent rains wiped out bridges and roads and left at least one person dead and another missing.

The latest deluge forced the government to declare a state of emergency, clearing the way for some $US5 million in disaster aid to be redirected to the hardest-hit areas.

The economic impact of this disaster falls on an already struggling country, where children are the youngest victims. It’s a country as ready for outreach as they come.

Latin America Missionaries in Costa Rica say ministry is building. It began with the Los Guido church which was alive before there was ever a building in place. Now, ministry teams ask prayer for the children’s project in the squatter communities.

Working with street children is no easy task. Most of the children come from very difficult situations. Teams there are feeding, tutoring and giving basic medical care to about 70 children.

Missionaries with LAM collaborate with various churches and ministries in Latin America to combat the problems and love the unloved.

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