Missionary radio reaches a milestone

By November 10, 2005

International (MNN) — New programs for people in key areas of the world have allowed international Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio to surpass an incredible milestone.

TWR’s President David Tucker says a lot of the expansion has happened over the last 10 years. “Recently in the Philippines and in East Africa, and in the Caucasus region of Russia, and also in Mozambique we’ve been able to add some languages which now take us over 200 languages and dialects in the world.”

It took 41 years to tackle 100 languages, but only 10 years for the next 100, says Tucker. Technology and a growing infrastructure has allowed for such incredible growth. As they were able to work closely with the church on the ground, it also provided incredible opportunities to reach out with the Gospel.

Tucker says TWR isn’t content on sitting at 200 languages. More are in the works as they have more broadcast facilities. “We have more airtime availability. We’ve put a major transmitter into Central Asia and we hope to expand that transmitter in the next six months. So, we possibly will add another five languages in the next six months to the transmitter in the Caucasus area.”

However, none of this could happen without your financial support and assistance from the local church. “The local church is vital to what we do because, first of all, they help us with prayer, to locate where the peoples are that need the Gospel. And, also they recognize for us the people who within their community are able to explain the Gospel much, much better in a cultural way.”

Pray that the Lord will give them the right people to help proclaim the Gospel and that many would help support their evangelism and discipleship ministry.

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