Missionary radio targets victims of U-S hurricanes

By September 29, 2005

USA (MNN) — Trans World Radio in partnership with Link Care Center to produce a series of upbeat radio spots on how believers can respond during the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Psychologist Doctor Brent Lindquist is the lead voice in the program. “We try and utilize concepts of healthy growth, post traumatic growth, growth after the crisis, to enable people to have somewhat of a positive outlook, both in terms of the caregivers who are providing care and the survivors who are coping with all this.”

Lindquist says while many people are resilient to tragedy through devastation, many need help and assurance. “Other people where it was unexpected got into situations where it becomes pretty overwhelming and they need people to help them figure out what to do, what next steps to take. They need access to resources and services of all different kinds.”

The 90-second spots are expected to be distributed to hundreds of radio stations in the U-S this week.

While TWR is hoping to encourage believers through these spots, Lindquist says sharing the Gospel is paramount. “When things are going bad we look around, possibly a little bit more for meaning and purpose in life. And, this is a wonderful time to help people who otherwise might not have been interested in seeing what sorts of alternative choices, particularly look toward the Lord, that they have in these times of need.”

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