Missionary radio targets women abroad

By September 22, 2006

Europe (MNN) — Women around the world are hurting. Some of them are living in the shadows. Many are living in darkness. Many need hope. And, they’re getting it through various programs offered by Trans World Radio as it transmits the Truth.

In TWR-E�s ministry region (including Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East), 18 hours of women�s programs are broadcast weekly. Additionally, TWR-E Partners sponsor 13 hours a week of programs for women around the globe.

Project Hannah (PH) reaches out to women in spiritual, cultural, and physical bondage. PH was founded in 1997 by Marli Spieker, then a missionary in Asia.

Two programs headline TWR’s outreach to women. In 1998, Women of Hope debuted as a 30-minute radio broadcast telling women of the hope they can find in Jesus Christ. Women of Hope is broadcasting in over 30 languages worldwide, including seven languages in Europe: Albanian, Ukrainian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Tajik, Turkmen, and Spanish, while, Arab Woman Today is an effort to reach Arab women with the Gospel.

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