MNN is threatened by Buddhists for Sri Lanka coverage.

By January 23, 2004

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Act of violence and threats are forcing evangelical Christian organizations to keep a low profile in Sri Lanka. The latest wave of violence was sparked off by the sudden death of one of Sri Lanka’s most revered Buddhist monks.

The threats weren’t only made against believers in Sri Lanka, but Mission Network News has been the target of threats recently. The Executive Director of Mission Network News Greg Yoder says, “We’ve received three threats in the last two weeks by Buddhist upset by the coverage we’ve given the situation.” He says, “One threat isn’t repeatable and the other two threats we similar. They told us the information we had on the air was incorrect and that it would be best if we not come to Sri Lanka.”

However, Yoder says, “According to Mission Network News sources, who are many, the information shared on the air is correct. We don’t feel comfortable with mentioning who they are for safety sake, the sources are clear and the information we’re airing is accurate.”

Dozens of Buddhist monks have protested against what they’re calling ‘unethical conversions’ by Christians and demanded that anti-conversion laws be enacted immediately. Buddhism is the majority religion, making up 70-percent of the population. 15-percent are Hindu and Christians make up about 8-percent of the population.

Yoder is encouraging people to pray for the many organizations working in Sri Lanka. “As believers we need to come along side them and come together as a body of Christ. What an encouragement we can be to those who are suffering for their faith,” says Yoder.

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