MNN listeners respond to prisoners’ needs in USA

By January 18, 2005

USA (MNN) — Even though it’s well past Christmas, an organization that supplies Bible correspondence courses to prison inmates in the United States is thanking the listeners of Mission Network News for their help with their Christmas card program.

Crossroad Bible Institute’s David Schuringa says, “Last year, Christmas 2003, we received 10,000 cards. This year, Greg, we received over 25,000. So, the numbers were quite staggering and it was a delight to be able to bless over 25,000 inmates with a Christmas card this years.”

Schuringa says he’s received a number of letters from inmates. He reads, “I want to thank you for sending me a Christmas card. You do not understand how much this means to me. This is the only one I received this holiday season.”

You, the Mission Network News Listener, made this a huge success, says Schuringa. “After we did that story and you interviewed me on that, cards just piled in. We received so many contacts from the web page and telephone calls. So, I just want to thank your listeners for getting involved in this program.”

This type of outreach can make an incredible difference in a prisoner’s life. “As something as small as a card can brighten up their day, can encourage them in their studies, to stick with it, to know that someone’s out there and cares for them. It encourages them to stick with their faith-based reentry program with their studies so that they can make a difference on the outside,” says Schuringa.

While 25,000 is a record, they’re hoping for even more cards next year. The 2005 Christmas card program will begin in September. Mark it on your calendar.

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