More arrested in Eritrea

By September 19, 2003

Eritrea (MNN)–Twelve more evangelicals were arrested in Eritrea on September 7 while worshipping in a private home.

Other than the owner of the home, those arrested were described as young people who were all members of the Dubre Bethel Church in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea.

Voice of the Martyrs says, according to reports, the six men and six women were ordered to renounce their faith in order to be released. When they refused, all food rations were withheld until they sign the agreement. When parents of the young people tried to visit, they were told they could only see their children if they tried to convice them to deny their faith.

These twelve join over 200 other evangelical Christians currently in prison for their faith in Eritrea. On August 19-20, 62 high school students were arrested for having Bibles. Five agreed to renounce their faith and were released. To date local evangelical church leaders have received no information on the other 57.

VOM asks for fervent prayer for these young people, as they stand firm in their faith. Pray that all those in prison will know the continual presence of Christ with them. Pray for many others who face the treat of prison and torture for their faith.

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