More arrests in the deadly Tentena bombing.

By June 9, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–Indonesian police have detained 13 suspects after deadly blasts in a Christian sector. The double bombing in Tentena last month left 21 dead and 74 hurt.

Mission agencies watching the situation suspected the attack was aimed at stirring up anti-Christian sentiment. It’s a suspicion clearly shared by investigators.

Police blamed the attack on Islamic militants with possible links to Jemaah Islamiah, the alleged South-East Asia arm of the al-Qaeda network. But, despite the attack, Muslims and Christians have agreed to maintain peace in their community.

Central Sulawesi has been dogged by violence between Christians and Muslims after a 2001 peace deal ended almost a year of fighting in which more than 1000 people died.

Continue to pray for those in outreach ministries, that the tensions won’t stop them. Pray too, that hearts will respond to the Gospel.

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