More Bibles needed for a resourcing outreach.

By November 17, 2005

USA (MNN)–With the reports of international church growth, Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says they’re busier than ever.

That’s both good and bad for a ministry that is dedicated to resourcing as many believers as possible. “We’ve had recent shipments to India; Africa is going out–got that inventory set aside. With all of those containers going out, it has left our Bible inventory at critically low levels.”

When asked what ‘critically low’ actually means, he responded with this plea. “We have a few Bibles, several dozen Bibles on our shelves for the missionaries who visit our facility. Other than that, we are running very low to supply the needs of our individual requests from people and pastors overseas.”

Their Spanish library suffers from the same shortage. Palmerton says they’ve been consistently low on non-English materials. However, the shortage is magnified overall in their warehouse.

CRI works to provide more than Bibles to the churches. They also take donations of other materials so they can provide pastoral libraries, medical books, music and childrens’ materials for church ministry.

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