More Vietnamese people are able to understand the Gospel

By February 12, 2004

Vietnam (MNN)–Far East Broadcasting Company is looking to expand their ministry in Vietnam.

FEBC began broadcasting to Vietnam in 1952 and now produce programs in more than 20 tribal languages there. They not only produce radio programs, but also support evangelical missionary work of groups by providing on-air training programs in Biblical theological education.

Every day FEBC radio networks broadcast 560 hours of programming in over 150 languages. Many of the broadcasts are heard in countries that have limilited access to Christian ministry or where there is political opposiiton to the Gospel.

FEBC currently has a small staff that is working to reach thousands of Vietnamese in Vietnam and are working to carry out various projects. Some of their projects include trying to increase broadcasting minutes, building chapels, distributing radios, and working to provide training and scholarships.

The group asks for prayer as they try to find more broadcasters and programmers to partner with to reach as many tribal groups as possible with the Gospel message.

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