More violence threatens believers in Gujarat State.

By February 3, 2006

India (MNN)–In light of the vicious attacks January 28 against a church in Bhopal, there are concerns over a rise in outright persecution in India.

The attacks took place in broad daylight in a private home. heightening concerns. Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India’s Dave Stravers. “We’re quite concerned because in Gujarat, there is a huge Hindu convention being planned, February 11 to 13 and when they did this in this part of west India a few years back, there was a lot of violence. Christians were beaten, churches were burned.”

They’re not the only ones who are concerned.
According to published reports, at the behest of groups like the All-India Christian Council, the National Minority Commission is having talks with government officials in Gujarat ahead of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s re-conversion program.

Stravers notes, “Whenever people start using that language, ‘forced re-conversions’, usually there’s intimidation, pressure, violence involved. So, many Christians here are praying–believers in Gujarat, who may be put under pressure by this huge Hindu gathering.”

However, Mission India teams will remain devoted to their calling, regardless of the pressure from Hindu extremists.

India’s constitution guarantees its people the freedom to choose their religion. Church Planting students respect both the Constitution and the freedom of choice each citizen has under the country’s consitution.

According to their website, Mission India has developed a two-year training program that includes nearly 8 months of classroom study and a total of 16 months in villages and communities, where they make themselves available to share the Gospel.

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