Multi-national mission force is reaching the Muslim world

By July 13, 2004

International (MNN) — As the war on terror continues around the world, it’s having mixed results on the mission field. The terrorism threat continues to force mission agencies to make security a top priority. But, it’s also forcing missionaries from the west to be representatives of Christ, rather than of the United States or other countries from the west.

SIM International’s Steve Strauss says they have Muslim work all over the world. He says, “It’s important to distinguish who we are as believers in Jesus Christ and disciples, from who we may be in our earthly citizenship. I think most of our missionaries are not there as Americans or Canadians or wherever they may be from, they are there as citizens of the Kingdom.”

But, that’s easier said than done. Strauss says, “(In) many Muslims minds there is no difference between a Christian and a westerner and many of our missionaries are going through great pains to show the folks that they live with and work with that there is a difference.”

Strauss says with it difficult in some Muslim nations, he says evangelism is going well in other areas. “In some Muslim countries that we’re working in we are seeing the most incredible harvest right now. And, what that has to do with 911 or the war in Iraq, only God knows. In many cases the soil preparing work has been going on for a long time, not just the last couple of years.”

Strauss says a multi-national missionary strategy seems to be working in Muslim evangelism. “In one country where we’re doing a lot of work with Muslims, our team consists of westerners, folks from Korea, and other Asians, Latin America and had some Africans. That kind of multi-national teams destroys any accusation that the Gospel is a western creation.”

Pray for SIM as they need funding to expand this outreach. Pray also for multi-national personnel to help continue their evangelistic efforts.

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