Music Festival hits major city in USA

By August 6, 2004

USA (MNN) — The Luis Palau Evangelistic Association is in the United States this weekend for their Twin Cities Festival. Luis Palau will bring his “great music and good news” festival to Minnesota August 7th and 8th with a massive, two day free event on the state capitol grounds in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Palau says the music festive is an effort to reach the unchurched younger generation. He says there’s a reason for that. “All revivals in history, from the beginning of Christianity, were led by young people — you think of the Welch revival, you think of the British revivals. Young people today are spiritually neglected in many segments of our society. They respond to the touch of the conscience far more than seniors and even middle aged adults.”

What has been interesting about these festivals is that young people sit and listen. “When you, as an adult, speak in a language they can understand, non churchy, contemporary, where you show them respect as people that they are, when you can demonstrate the relevancy of Jesus Christ to their daily life, it’s amazing how they listen.”

Pray for the festival this weekend as music, BMX riders, skateboards, plus the preaching of God’s word is used to lead many to Christ.

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