Muslim country allows Christian teaching

By September 23, 2005

Country withheld (MNN) — The tsunami in southeast Asia created a swath of destruction that devastated 11 countries in that region. It’s an area of the world where Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam are common. It’s also an area of the world where Christians are persecuted for their faith.

One of these countries in the tsunami zone is notorious for attacks on Christians. But, Teen Missions International’s Bob Bland just returned from the region where they have Bible schools in one creative access nation. “The government has said that if we would add one more year to our Bible school and our students would be able to take a test, and if they pass that test then they would be able to teach the Bible in the public schools.”

Bland has this is an incredible opportunity and students are already taking advantage of it. “This past week 11 of our students took the test and passed it. (They’re) ready and there are 40 more in the program.”

Bland describes this as an incredible milestone in their ministry, but he’s still concerned. “It isn’t without threats, you know. People do live under threats. But, God has opened the doors and surely we must go in.”

Prayer is the number one need in this nation, says Bland. Teen Missions Boot Camps, which help train young people in evangelism, basic construction and other areas of missions, have been very successful in this nation.

Funding and volunteers to help at the home base are also needed.

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