National churches need used Christian literature

By March 19, 2004

International (MNN) — While Christian literature is easy to find in the United States, it’s very different in second and third world nations. Christian Resources International says many Christians don’t even have a Bible, let alone study helps to guide them in their desire to follow Christ and to reach out in evangelism.

CRI hops to change that as they collect used Christian material and distribute it to Christians in need around the world. CRI’s Bryon Morgan says as national church pastors take leadership positions in the church, the need for intense theological education is needed. Many missionaries are filling that need and that’s where CRI is also getting involved. Morgan says, “We can come in and we supply these missionaries and these church leaders with materials to basically train these church leaders with material that’s easily understood.”

The idea is to train the leader, then the leader uses the material to help train other national leaders. The hope is that they develop theologies and practices that are Biblical, yet culturally relevant. That makes ministry and evangelism even more successful.

While Christian Resources International is helping in many countries, used English material is actually helpful, says Morgan. “English is a primary language in (many) parts of the world, especially in Africa and India,” he says. Since many understand the language, they can apply it in their own ministry and translate it so others can benefit from it.

Morgan says since CRI is working in areas like India, where there are over one-billion people, the need for more used material is great. “We send out so much material that it’s actually quite mind-boggling. We’ve sent out, so far just this year, we’ve sent out at least 80,000 pieces of literature,” says Morgan.

Funding for shipping the material is great. Sending a container of Christian literature can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000.

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  • Lynn Stanley says:

    We would like to donate Christian Literature (Sunday School Books) that have not been used. Where do we need to mail them?
    Thank you.
    Sardis Baptist Church

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