Nationalist Hindus plan for come-back, Christians sleeping

By June 24, 2004

India (MNN) — India’s Hindu nationalist opposition, still licking its wounds after last month’s election defeat, is vowing to reclaim power. The Bharatiya Janata Party, known as the BJP, is meeting this week to strategize how to do that.

While Gospel for Asia has been excited about the change in government, GFA’s KP Yohannan is puzzled by how the church in India is responding. “God in His mercy, has given us five years right now, with a new government. That government (says) we will protect the minorities and we will give freedom to spread their faith, but the church at large is missing it,” says Yohannan. He says the church hasn’t made any kind of concrete plan to reach the lost. He says it’s a crazy situation.

That doesn’t mean all Christian groups are sleeping. Gospel for Asia and hundreds of other groups are responding, but it’s not enough. Yohannan says, “A nation with 1.2 billion people (you) can imagine how much a handful of groups can do. What we need is (an) incredible revival and a passion for souls among the body of Christ at large.”

Even though the Congress Party has vowed to protect minorities, Christians are facing persecution. Yohannan says their workers in Orissa and Maharashtra states have been attacked. He says Christians need to pray that, “The current government will take steps to make sure that they will not allow something like this to get out of hand. We surely do not want another wave of persecution. This is what we’re really concern about at this time.”

Even though the church is in large part sleeping, Gospel for Asia is working hard. Yohannan says their primary school work is just one example of a positive response. “Every where we set up the schools, we are now seeing hundreds of people giving their lives to the Lord and churches planted. So, you can see the possibilities to see millions turn to the Lord is so real.”

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