Nationals carry on ministry despite unrest.

By July 27, 2006

Haiti (MNN) — It was quiet for a few weeks in Haiti, but there has been an upsurge of kidnappings in recent days. Two missionaries were kidnapped and held for 5 days earlier this month.

Kidnappers appear to be targeting their efforts around the airport in Port au Prince, making it dangerous to travel near that region. They’re kidnapping not just Americans but also Haitian nationals who they think might have money. It’s a serious issue plaguing Haiti, with the demands for ransom giving the kidnappers tens of thousands of dollars each day.

The renewed kidnappings are also hampering the ministry work of Christian World Outreach. Most of the problems hinge around Port au Prince and some around Cap Haitian, says Christian World Outreach’s Dean Yoder, who recently returned from Haiti, where they put on a leadership training conference.

The unrest is preventing a number of American medical teams from going on short-term trips to assist at clinics there, says Yoder. “It definitely has affected team ministry. I don’t want to say no one’s going there. Yes, there are teams going, but not to the extent that we’ve seen in the past.”

But Yoder says it’s not all bad news. “Well, obviously, it has an effect on the ministry, but fortunately over the years we have trained good leaders in Haiti, nationals who continue to carry on the ministry. And that’s the good side.”

In spite of the difficulties of volunteers not being able to go in as much, God’s still at work and growing His church. “For Haiti, it’s hurt us in that regard, but in terms of the ministry, yes, it’s hurt us a little bit, but thank the Lord for our staff that have continued to carry on really at high risk.”

The CWO national staff are strong believers impacting many lives. Their goal is in everything they do, they purpose to share the good news of Jesus. “Everyone who comes to our clinics are prayed for, the Gospel is shared with them. And we use that opportunity as we meet their physical needs, to try to help them with their spiritual needs as well. And so that’s a major major importance for us.”

The church in Haiti is growing, says Yoder, even with the unrest all around them, “When I was there, we met with a young pastor who planted a brand new church. He’s been meeting for about six weeks, started out with 20 people and already has 65 people attending his church.”

Christian World Outreach needs medical supplies for their two clinics in Haiti. They also need funding to help ship containers of supplies already gathered. Those are two of their biggest tangible needs that you can help be a part of. Contact CWO to help.

And of course prayer is an ongoing need, as the unrest impacts ministry and as Haitian nationals faithfully carry on despite difficulties.

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