Nationals continue taking leadership in international missions

By April 30, 2004

International (MNN) — “It’s indisputable that the great new missions fact of our time is the international ownership of the Great Commission by the church around the world.” Those are the words of Doctor David Shibley, President and founder of Global Advance . It’s an organization that’s empowering church leaders in global evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

Shibley says that doesn’t mean western workers aren’t needed. He says, “I believe Christians in the west have a role to play and that there will always be a need for western missionaries. You’ll have to take the Great Commission out of my Bible for me to believe that we in the west are somehow exempted from going.” However, he says the role has changed a bit. “Those whom we send should see that our agenda now is something like a junior partner.”

Christians from other nations are more effective in outreach than people from Europe or North America. Shibley says, “It is true, for instance, that Brazilians are very similar sometimes in culture to some of the unreached Muslim peoples. They would seem the more likely candidate.”

Prayer, however, is something that can easily link all believers and should be a part of every church arsenal, says Shibley. “I believe that the great intercessory prayer movement that we’re involved in here in the United States should rap it’s arms around the world. And, as we do I believe that the Lord will certainly honor our prayers.” Shibley says the great prayer initiatives like “praying through the window” were enormously effective in the spiritual realm.

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