Needed: your used school supplies.

By February 24, 2006

Asia (MNN)–Poverty makes access to school supplies nearly impossible for children in developing countries.

Many children in these regions have little or no access to computers, textbooks, musical instruments, and even pencils and paper. Although they get to go to school, they often use small chalkboards for writing, sometimes while sharing a desk and textbook with a classmate.

While that is not a direct hinderance to education, the lack of resources makes the process slow, and can stifle other academic growth.

Such limitations fly directly in the face of Worldwide Christian Schools. Their vision is to glorify God by ensuring that all people have access to Christian education. This means economic and physical barriers need to be eliminated.

It also means they need to deliver Christian education in new ways. WCS recently partnered with CompRenew Environmental Trust to meet these needs.

CompRenew is currently looking for gently used computers, textbooks, sports equipment, and musical instruments to recycle. Not only does this allow the students to more freely explore their education, the partnership helps keep the recycled parts out of landfills.

With the right tools, the children can get a quality education and be trained for Christian leadership in their communities.

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