Needs in Haiti great following deadly flooding

By June 25, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — It’s now out of the headlines, but the needs are still great. Torrential rains hit Haiti hard last month. It left than 3,300 people dead or missing in Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic.

New Life World Aid, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, is working through the local church to help the victims. New Life’s Project Manager Philip Morris says, “Many villages and many families are still unreached with aid in the hills of Haiti where the flood happened. People who were affected really lost everything. That means they lost their houses, they lost all their cooking utensils and equipment, they lost their clothing, all their food supplies.” He says it’s a desperate situation.

Morris says they’re providing family relief packages; rice, cooking oil, hygiene items and clothing to the most needy of families. They’re only limited by funding.

He says your donations can have an eternal impact as the work is being done by the local church. “The impact is huge. Some people are negative toward the church, but when you’re helped by the church that attitude can change and the Holy Spirit can change that attitude. We’ve seen this kind of project can actually plant news churches and grow existing churches.”

If you would like to help New Life World Aid, go to their web site

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