Nepal: Revived Parliament meets; believers pray.

By May 1, 2006

Nepal (MNN)–Nepal’s parliament met for the first time in four years, a testament to change and a step toward democracy.

The political body’s key goal was to push for elections to a constituent assembly. That’s a body that could redraw Nepal’s 1990 constitution and cut the powers of the king.

It’s good news for those who’ve been squeezed between the rebel insurgency and the government forces. Mission To Unreached Peoples has a team in Nepal, and has felt the pressure. For security reasons, we’ll call our source ‘Wendy’.

“We can’t travel as we need to,” she explains. “Often, we’re caught at home, or caught at the office and are unable to either go home or go to the office. So, there’s a lot of uncertainty when we’re trying to do our work.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Their work involves health and community development. That allows their teams to interact closely with the people they help. “We’ve seen some opportunities as well. You have some people who are feeling hopeless, and in a hopeless situation, hope shines brighter.”

‘Wendy’ urges prayer for believers caught in the crossfire, describing the challenges many face in the rural areas. “Some security forces will go from home to home, doing inspections and then the next night, perhaps insurgents will go from home to home, collecting supplies. If no one is recruited or injured during the insurgents’ visit, the security forces return and wonder why.”

Continue to pray for their ministries that they’ll continue uninterrupted.

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