Nepal’s troubles prime the pump for a new audio Scripture project.

By August 15, 2005

Nepal (MNN)–Reports from Nepal show vigilante groups are reportedly fighting Maoist rebels. Their action hits rural villages especially hard, and threatens security.

Faced with crisis, people are responding to the Gospel. However, as is the case in many rural areas, very few villagers have had formal education.

Talking Bibles International’s Paul Hoekstra says they’ve been invited to produce the New Testament in audio for the Lhomi (lohmee), living in eastern Nepal. “Their situation is pretty typical. Bible translation has been done. The New Testament has been printed, but a large percentage of the people don’t read the language. So, in order for them to be able to access the Bible, they need to listen to it.”

Persecution may hinder future distribution. Hoekstra says their teams are working under the radar, to avoid attracting attention from the rebels.

“We’re hoping to get the production done here within the next two to three months,” he explains. The plan is that, “It’ll be done using a local reader, right here in Katmandu. When the narration is completed, we’ll be encoding it, putting in the ‘Talking Bible’ format, and then, people will be hand-carrying those back into Nepal.”

The kits are smaller than in years past, thanks to new audio technology. That makes them easier to carry and deliver in areas that might be problematic.

Funding is needed to provide kits for those who want to hear. If you’d like to help, go their website by following the highlighted link above.

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