New Bibles gives troops road map to Christ

By August 11, 2005

USA (MNN) — While more than 1,800 United States military personnel have been killed in the war in Iraq, an organization is giving eternal hope to those serving their country.

While the International Bible Society has been handing out Bibles to troops for a long time, a new Bible is being produced that will be even more productive spiritually.

IBS’ Chuck Adams says these Bibles fit into the cargo pocket of soldiers uniforms, but there’s more. “These new military camouflage Bibles now come with 38 pages of notes, and helps, and maps, and website addresses for further references, an order of worship, hymns, prayers, Bible reading guides, plan of salvation, and we’ve never done that before in our military editions.”

Adams says these changes were made to help military personnel while they’re away from a military chaplain. “An individual service member can take them and have a worship service themselves and also there is a plan of salvation in the back, and then there is actually a page where they can write in their name and the date they professed Christ as Savior.”

IBS is planning to produce thousands of these new Bibles, that also has suggested reading for topical questions like, ‘Where do I read when a soldier is lonely, discouraged, fearful, etc.’ “Then it gives a Scripture reference and a page number. We think this is going to intensify the spiritual experience for our military personnel who are believers, and we also think it’s going to be a tremendous evangelism tool.”

If you’d like to have one of these Bibles for soldiers in your family, click on the highlighted link above, or tell your loved one to contact a military chaplain.

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