New churches springing up in Germany

By July 28, 2004

Germany (MNN) – According to statistics, evangelical Christians make up only three-percent of Germany’s population. That makes that nation largely unreached with the Gospel, but according to Greater Europe Mission’s Fred McRae that may be changing.

McRae says there’s been a paradigm shift in church planting. He says, “The situation for church planting in Germany has really turned the corner and as a church planter I would say Germany, relatively speaking, compared to where it used to be, is a church planting paradise.”

The shift has taken place in the last 15 to 20 years. “Over 1,000 news churches have been planted in Germany. I myself, along with some German church planters, have planted two churches. We’ve been involved in training German church planters, and these are lay Christians who have been really spoken to by the Lord to go out and plant churches,” says McRae.

On denomination in particular is seeing incredible growth. “The Germany Evangelical Free Church is the only denomination that’s growing right now in Germany and the reason they’re growing is they have a specific plan to plant daughter churches,” he says.

Germany’s post Christian culture isn’t the problem, says McRae. “The problem that I have as a church planting consultant is not the terrible German culture, but to motivate Christians to get involved in this movement that the Lord has brought about.”

McRae says people need to pray for mission organizations. “Mission organizations are still working in Germany and in Europe the way it was 40 to 50 years ago. And, I’m afraid that the organizations are going to miss the paradigm shift that God has brought about,” he says.

Church planting consultants are needed to come along side believers for motivators and trainers. Pray that many will join in this incredible church planting effort.

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