New evangelism training available for Churches in the U-S

By January 23, 2004

USA (MNN) — New material is now available to help churches in evangelism in the United States. A team from E3 Partners has developed training curriculum based on the popular EvangeCube, a toy-like cube that’s used to share the Gospel.

EvangeCube’s Steve Cretin says just one in four Christians are sharing the Gospel. “Many say its fear of rejection. Many say they don’t know how. What we want to do with EvangeCube or with any training device is help people to feel comfortable in engaging someone in a conversation about Christ,” says Cretin. He adds, “What the EvaneCube does, it helps people. It’s an entry point. When people see the cube they say ‘what is that’ and you can immediately share the story of Christ.”

While many typically know how to begin sharing their faith, many don’t know how to bring their presentation to an end. Cretin says, “With a little bit of the training you also see how to naturally make a close to it, where you actually ask the person if they’ve made a commitment to Christ, would they like to make a commitment to Christ?”

Today, more than 1.5 million EvangeCubes have been deployed to share the Gospel, however more users are overseas missionaries. With 270 million unreached people in the U-S, the need to equip Christians is just as important here as in other countries.

The training material is hot off the presses. If you or your church would like information on the training curriculum, go to their web site at or call 1-888-354-9411.

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