New evangelistic vision catches fire in Kenya.

By February 12, 2004

Kenya (MNN)–Corruption in government is widely viewed as the scourge to positive change in African countries.

While a string of corrupted leaders casts a pall over hopes for peace and growth, a recent change shed some light.

A little over a year ago, Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki , calling himself a Christian, came to power promising to tackle corruption. Since then, according to several ministries, what hindered outreach was rooted out, and Christians became freely optimistic about their future.

Global Missions Fellowship’s Dan Wilson says church leaders are looking for help. He explains one church planting strategy in Kenya. “We’ve been going into Kenya for about four years taking short-term teams in for about eight or ten days to do direct evangelism, and also discipleship that will be getting those new converts grounded in the word of God and then, hopefully, by the end of the week, we’ll have a fledgling little church that the mother church then, will nurture.”

Wilson says that translates to a fiery evangelistic vision. “We’ve been seeing the churches come alive. We’ve seen churches that were only planted a year ago, taking part in planting a new work, or a cell group, or a mission point. It’s exciting to see their excitement and their zeal about reaching their own people for Christ.”

In June, Wilson will lead a GMF trip there for church-planting, which will also include a medical component. GMF seeks to recruit professional medical personnel for that trip.

In September, another team will go and do ministry on the Kenyan coast in a predominantly muslim area. In both of these campaigns GMF will partner with Awana to launch children’s ministries for the churches there.

In September, GMF will also conduct Leadership Development Conferences in Nairobi for 500-1,000 pastors expected to attend for training in church planting from all over East Africa.

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