New film based on a prominent Congo convert

By January 2, 2004

Democratic Republic of Congo (MNN)–This past year, Compassion Ministries of EFCA International Mission, purchased, crated and shipped the supplies that will be used in the filming of a movie based on the conversion and life of Isaac Pelendo.

Miraculous events surround this man’s life and his impact on the development of the church in Congo. He is the most prominent convert of the early church work in that country.

The book about his life, will be converted into a film which will be filled with stories in African context with the goal of changenging African young people. Producers hope to use the film to reach others for Christ in Africa and beyond.

EFCA says those wishing to help with costs related to shipping, supplies and other aspects of the film can send donations to: EFCA International Mission, 901 E. 78th St., Minneapolis, MN 55420-1300 and earmark the funds for the Pelendo Project.

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