New government in Sudan has believers hopeful.

By July 20, 2005

Sudan (MNN)–Three decades of civil war that claimed over two million lives in southern Sudan and created four million refugees, may now be over.

The peace accord has many believers hoping for a new future. Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and former rebel leader Dr. John Garang were sworn in July 10th as the country’s Vice President. The inauguaration came as a new power-sharing constitution went into effect.

Garang is a professing Christian, much to the delight of many other believers. He’ll be governing the south for a six year interim period leading up to a promised referendum on independence.

Persecution Project’s Matt Chancey. “Garang will now rule over Southern Sudan as a type of ‘one country- two systems’ arrangement, sort of like Hong Kong and China. The south will not be under Sharia law.”

Chancey says the Sudanese are having to rebuild their civilization from the ground up after nearly two generations of fighting.

It’s a pivotal time for outreach. “Christians in America have a great opportunity now in Southern Sudan. If we can get in there now, and really help our brothers and sisters rebuild their communities, we can establish and important Christian beachhead in the Muslim world.”

PPF has a long history with the indigenous church. They have been one of a handful of groups braving the ‘red no-go zones’ to bring in aid and other support to the churches. Continue to pray for believers as they work in the healing region; pray for the peace to hold.

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