New hope and ministry comes from the tsunami rubble in Indonesia.

By December 27, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–Life is rising again from the rubble of the tsunami that crashed into Indonesia’s shores. On the one year anniversary of the tragedy, many aid groups are looking toward the future of hope rebuilt.

Despite all efforts, the pain and sorrow felt not only by the thousands of survivors, but also many thousands of others, remains strong.

That could be, in part, because restoration is happening, but slowly. According to Reuters, 80-percent of the two million displaced are still living in tents, temporary shelters or are staying with friends or family away from their shattered homes.

Food security and jobs are also problematic, although, there too, there are reports that things are slowly returning to normal.

But that promise of future comes at too languorous a pace for many. Strategic World Impact is working to address that problem.

SWI’s Kevin Turner says they set up a Life Center in the days following the first wave of relief in Indonesia. Today, this continues to be their main thrust in terms of outreach in the region. “This is completely run by the Indonesian Christians and they continue to do job training, computer training, internet services, copying centers and trauma counseling. So, we have work that continues in this region despite the fact that we don’t have any American presence on the ground.”

Turner says through the center, two things have happened. “They’ve had Muslim seekers who have always wanted to know and now have the opportunity and have come to Christ through hearing the gospel, a clear presentation. We’ve also had exposure. Many Muslims have had exposure to the true Gospel, what it really is, for the first time.”

For those who turn to Christ, there are many other challenges. While the region appears open to accepting help, there is a long history of violence and persecution by the militant segment of Islam in the region. Continue to pray for the new believers in the area.

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