New leadership to nurture church growth in China

By January 7, 2008

China (MNN) — In the 18 years since it began, the China Christian Council has been working to provide theological education and the publication of Bibles, hymnals, and other religious literature. The organization is supposed to encourage the exchange of information among local churches in evangelism, pastoral work and administration. Every five years, they elect new leaders.

Erik Burklin with China Partners says, "For organizations such as China Partner and others, this leadership change would be significant and would help with the advancement of the Gospel within China."

The CCC estimates that more than 12,000 church buildings are open for public worship in China and that some 25,000 groups of Protestant Christians meet in private homes. Since 1980, more than 2,700 seminarians have completed their training, and 20 million Bibles have been printed and distributed.

In conjunction with each Pastoral Training Seminar conducted, China Partner provides mini-libraries to students, faculty, and pastors; since 1991, it has distributed over 30,000 Bible study and reference books. It also helps to stock libraries at the various seminaries and Bible schools in which it ministers.

Because they do extensive work with the registered church, Burklin believes developing a relationship with the new leadership plays a key role in further growth. "I find it to be so significant that I will be traveling to meet with the new leadership this February so that I can let them know that China Partner officially is there to help them, to serve with them."

One of the greatest needs in the Chinese church is additional pastors and church leaders to shepherd all the new converts who are now overcrowding the churches. China Partner's mission is to help with this need. The ministry exists to serve the church in China by equipping more pastors and lay pastors to carry out the work of Christ. 

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