New radio partnership facilitiates training growth in Egypt.

By May 26, 2006

Egypt (MNN)–Through the concept of training nationals, one outreach is raising up a corps of Great Commission workers.

HCJB World Radio has partnered with IBRA Radio and a local partner to set up training/recording studios in Alexandria, Egypt. It’s a timely move, coming at a moment in history when the doors for traditional outreach are closing throughout the Middle East.

For security reasons, we’re calling our source ‘Yvonne’. She says, “We’re very excited about this opportunity to work with IBRA Radio–in the past, on a smaller scale, but to actually be working with them on this, in conjunction, going in country, into a studio that we’ve established together, it’s fantastic.”

Yvonne says it’s the first of two training hubs in North Africa. The project coordinator expects the studios in Egypt to be in operation this summer with instruction of trainers beginning next fall. The semiannual broadcast training sessions are up to three weeks long.

While HCJB provided the training to radio producers in the region for several years, the new studios will provide “more advanced and in-depth university-level seminars.”

They train, keeping evangelistic ministry in context. “They have to kind of take it a lot slower. It’s more about they provide doors that the person that they’re talking to can open up, and come into. Once that person opens that door, they’re basically free to share whatever they like. They just can’t do it the way that we do it in the West.”

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