New report quantifies damages from tsunami–believers respond.

By June 22, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–At the six month anniversary of the tsunami, a new government report reveals a long road ahead.

In the months following the quake and tsunami, the mounds of broken concrete, snapped boards and twisted metal have been cleared and the ground is visible again.

But, the December 26 disaster wave destroyed nearly all of the villages in its path, most of the government buildings, half the schools and thousands of miles of roads.

The infrastructure was severely damaged. International Aid’s Myles Fish says medical facilities were also ruined. It’s why they’ve committed to a Medical Equipment Service Center. “It’s going to put into their hands medical equipment that works, that will be on a scale of quality that far exceeds the quality of anything they’ve been used to before. It also is going to give them a way to sustain that equipment by having trained technicians and parts and a facility where the equipment can be repaired.”

Fish says ministry is never far from their mind. “The invitation to remain there onsite for two years enables us to build the kind of respectful relationships that are necessary in order to actually articulate the hope behind our faith.”

This month’s inauguration of the center comes at a milestone time in the recovery efforts. Fish says, “We are praying expectantly that the Lord can provide us ways that we can do that in both sensitive and acceptable ways to the people of Banda Aceh.”

International Aid has provided shipments to Indonesia that include 14 medical clinics, 17 water purification systems, over-the-counter and prescription medicines; blankets; hygiene products; rice, and baby items including juice, diapers and layettes.

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