New web site for those viewing “The Passion of the Christ”

By February 17, 2004

WORLD (MNN) –Those attending the National Religious Broadcasters convention this week have the opportunity to preview the soon-to-be-released film “The Passion of the Christ.” The film opens in theaters next week on Ash Wednesday — February 25th.

Truth Media is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ Canada and they have devleoped a web site for those that have seen the film and are still searching for more answers. “” is designed to help the person who may not totally understand the movie because they may not understand scripture.

The site will have articles about the movie as well as opportunities to e-mail questions and participate in a chat discussion. There will be sections of the Bible on-line that directly relate to the movie. There will be background on the film itself, the cast and charachers and will also explain symbols. There is also three different presentations on how they can better know God.

During the month of February the web site has been updated with additional information and after the film is released they expect thousands of people to visit the site daily.

There also is a second web site the group has developed and this one is aimed at Christians who want to get involved. “” will give Christians the opportunity to make an impact by praying for requests that come in, answering e-mails or responding in chat rooms.

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