Nigeria stands at the verge of restoration.

By October 7, 2003

Nigeria (MNN)–A difficult road lies ahead for Nigeria. It’s President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has a second term to make his reforms stick.

On the 43rd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence from British colonial rule, he called for a “rebirth in optimism”, promising to turn around a stagnant economy with a bold series of public sector reforms led by a new generation of ministers.

While his opposition remains stiff, there are many who support his vision. A returning missionary couple looks forward to a brighter future. “We’re glad he’s in office. He’s a good Christian man, and it’s hard to take a country that’s been plagued by corruption for so long and make everything go well, but he’s trying and that’s the important thing. We’re much more comfortable with him in office then with some of the people that were opposing him.”

Josh and Mandy Sharda serve with Christian Reformed World Missions. Because President Obasanjo is a Christian, their work could bear more fruit. “Some of the people that were opposing him are very opposed to the gospel and they’re opposed to missionaries and the one claimed that if he was made president he would have all missionaries kicked out of the country. Our future is a lot brighter with Obasanjo in office.”

Please pray for the teams as they continue their ministry in a country still struggling in her birthing pains.

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